IMG_6389.jpgMia is a writer/blogger, runs a home, cares for her family which (as of 10/2018
) includes an amazing husband, 2 sweet little boys, and a very hyper chocolate lab. She manages to do everything in the short hours that make up the day and has decided to share more of those moments with the world (crazy huh?). She is a paradox in and of herself, thriving in the stressful business that can be life, recharging and loving quiet moments; as well as appearing extroverted, but in reality being an introvert.

From Mia: “I am not a person who will ‘sugar coat’ or show you the facade of all the happy moments. There will be plenty of happy moments, but there are also plenty of tough and gritty moments as that is what life is. Life is not always sunshine and daisies and I would never want to portray it as such. This blog will feature a real woman, living a real life, trying to balance all of the demands of a fulfilled life. I will also post recipes, travel,  home and lifestyle along with other random bits and bobs! Stick around if you want all of those things as well as just a happy place to spend a couple minutes of your day.”