A Week Away…These are the Moments

This past week we went on the first of our two summer vacations. This first one was a special one as we decided to take a somewhat “spontaneous” trip to see some family. I say somewhat spontaneous as this was not in our original plans for this year, but rather we decided it about a month to a month and a half out. 

We’ve got family getting ready to move out of the country for a little bit and this was going to be the last chance to really get to see them and have the entire family together. It was also a good chance to get the boys together with their cousins and for us to just get a little bit of a break. We loaded up the car and headed on our way…

However crazy this past week has been between teething, sleeping, noise, and food, it was so so SO much fun! I always love being around family and it is such a blast to watch all of the grandkids playing together. The boys had so much fun playing with their cousins and ALL of the toys. They got to not only play with new toys, but the amount of learning that happens with that is so good.

We had fun getting away from work and catching up with family. It is good to just be able to disengage from your normal. To be able to break out of that routine and just breathe easy for a little while. Not have to almost rush through your days to get everything done, everyone fed and happy. It was nice to just focus on the boys and my husband for the week. 

It is so important to be able to get this time away; not only for my husband and I, but for our children as well. They can pick up on so many tiny little emotions and while they may not understand what it means, they can understand when Mommy and Daddy are tired/stressed/have a lot going on. They also then get stuck into these little ruts and getting out of that routine, even for only a couple of days (less than the week we did this time) is good for everyone.

Having a Ball – These Are The Moments

Every once in a while it is vital to take a step back, step away from the hum drum and routine of life and do something special. For marriage it is so important to take some time to just be a spouse for a little while, instead of a parent and a spouse. We can get so sucked into the routine of every day and almost just going through the paces of life that we forget or end up neglecting some aspects of that life. 

This past week was so insane between all of our schedules and what was going on, that by the end of it, I definitely needed a good amount one on one time with my husband. Some time to take my mom hat off and just be a wife. Luckily we got to have a little bit of a formal date night as we attended a ball! This gave us the perfect chance to get all gussied up (something we rarely actually do) and have a little alone time! We sent the boys to our friends (and neighbors!), so we even got that parenting break. 

I realized that it had actually been so long since we had any sort of real date night. Our normal little weekly date nights that I’ve talked about had fallen to the wayside with our schedules, and we really just needed some time to each other. To be able to connect, to talk without our 2 year old interrupting, to just be husband and wife for a little bit. 

There is something so special about that bond between a husband and wife. It is always there and always present, but still needs to be nurtured. A garden can’t bloom without being watered regularly (how many times have you heard something similar in regards to marriage lol) and it was time that our garden got a little more water. 

I have to say, being able to come home after the ball, lay on the couch and not have to worry about a baby crying, our toddler waking up early, or realistically anything other than just laying on that couch with my husband was pretty fantastic. I also have to say, after the week that we have both had, being able to connect like that, was so special and so important. 

When we woke up on Saturday morning (absolutely exhausted by the way), I knew that we had gotten exactly what we needed. Yes, I woke up with an immediate desire to see our children, but I also woke up in a comfort state. The one that is a lazy morning, snuggled up with the person that I love most in the world. It has made all the difference in the world, not just for me as a wife, but me as a person and me as a mom.