10 Facts About Me

Hey everyone! I’m not normally good at these types of things (the whole state one interesting fact about yourself type of thing), but I figured that this was a good way for you to not only get me, but find out some new things and me to learn about you! I am going to list 10 Facts about me starting with some basic obvious ones and then throwing in some not so obvious ones, and then I want to hear something about you! Leave me a comment with some fact about yourself at the end.

Speier Family in Alexandria, VA10 Facts:

  1. I am a wife to a wonderful, hard working, supportive man and a mom to two little boys. They are my world.
  2. I work part time in an administrative position and I own my own business (The Cosy Book Shoppe).
  3. I am an avid reader and tea drinker. I would rather spend time with a good cup of tea and a book than anything else (aside from my family of course).
  4. I LOVE Penguins. They are my favorite animal followed closely by dolphins.
  5. I collect Mugs. A lot of mugs. So many that every few months I go through and clean them out. They all get used on a regular basis.
  6. I am somewhat old fashioned. I miss the days of no (or limited) technology.
  7. Going off of #6, I have a somewhat old fashioned marriage. Not only is it perfect for us, but I am proud of that. I’ll talk about it later on in another post (maybe).
  8. I try to live and document every moment, yet still be present in those moments. I am constantly taking pictures and videos. That may seem paradoxical, but it works out really well. I love not only being able to be in that moment, but also able to look back at it later on.
  9. I’m a big believer in what I call daylight fuel. I believe that having natural light and fresh air around you, your home, your office, wherever is such a boost. It is a mood booster, a productivity booster, and is just overall so beneficial beyond just the physical benefits.
  10. I’m a big believer in finding (and then following) your passion. Once you have found your passion I firmly believe that finding out how to take your passion and turn it into your life and career.

So, those are 10 Facts About Me! Now, let me know a fact about yourself! Drop a comment below 🙂

Until Next Time

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The Autumn Tag

Hello everyone! I hope that your week has gotten off to a good start and that it hasn’t been too much of a Monday! While brainstorming (and wasting time on youtube) I ran across this tag on Kalyn Nicholson’s youtube channel and thought that it would be perfect to do! It’s a good way to give you a little bit more tidbits about me that you may not know. I should say, I love and am obsessed with Autumn. It is easily my favorite time of year and I cannot get enough! I am all about being cozy and this is the time of year for that. You can watch her video and answers HERE. Without further ado, into the tag we go…

**Before I begin…grab a cup of whatever you want because this is going to be a long one…got what you want to drink? Ok, now onto the tag…

1.) Favorite Thing about Fall: Gosh, a tough first question! I have to say I love feeling the change that comes. Once the weather starts to cool down and when I head outside in the morning, I can just feel the change that is coming. The cooler days and even cooler nights. Curling up with my husband, our son, and a book under a blanket. It’s just the knowing that things are going to get cozier. I love it.

*That was probably a really crazy long ununderstandable (is that even a word) explanation of how I feel. I’m not very good at articulating the feeling I get with Autumn, but I absolutely loooooove it. I’m such an Autumn person.

2.) Favorite Fall/Halloween Movies: I love Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus. Those are the two big Halloween movies that I enjoy, although I like the 13 Nights of Halloween on Freeform. The other movies that I watch continuously during fall are the Harry Potter moves (although those are year round movies realistically).

3.) Fashion Trend You’re Loving For Fall? I have a hard time keeping up with up to date fashion that looks good on me. I try more to dress with what is going to look good on me and then look at what are the more fall colors that fit into my wardrobe. I love the deep hues of Fall. So basically, not favorite trend, but loving the colors that are big this season.

4.) Favorite Fall Drink? Not Pumpkin. I’m not a big pumpkin fan at all. I’m a big tea drinker year round, so that is still my go to drink, but for fall I like to have a more “chai” or spice based black tea. I will treat myself to Starbucks Latte’s however as the weather turns cooler.

5.) What is the Fall Weather like Where You Live? This is my first Autumn here where we are. So far its cool in the morning and evenings, but still somewhat warm during the day (long sleeves only, no sweater or jacket needed during the day). The leaves are turning and falling as well!

6.) Apple Picking or Hayride? Uh…both 🙂 I love to do both and can’t wait till Little man can actually get into it!

7.) Rain of Fog? Uh…both again? I think honestly they go hand in hand a lot of the time. I love when I wake up in the morning and open the blinds and there is the fog right off our deck and as the fog clears, rain starts to fall. It’s like heaven for me.

8.) Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown? Hocus Pocus all the way! In fact, we are coming up on the time for me to watch it in the next couple of days.

9.) Corn Maze of Haunted House? Yea, I’m not a fan of either. I don’t like things jumping out at me, so Haunted Houses can be a bit difficult. I also am not sure about a Corn Maze. So yea, neither.

10.) Halloween or Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving. I highly prefer Thanksgiving over Halloween. I like Halloween, but it’s not really my favorite holiday. I don’t get over excited about it.

11.) Coats or Oversized Sweaters? Is this even a question…oversized sweaters all the way. Much much cozier.   

12.) Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie? Again, neither really. I’m not a big pie eater and I honestly have one piece of pumpkin pie a year (on Thanksgiving) and I prefer to just eat the apples for apple pie after they’ve been coated with sugar and cinnamon. HAHA

13.) Cool Crisp Mornings or Cozy Evenings? Another hard question! I really like both, but to pick one, I prefer Cozy Evenings. It’s just…me 🙂 I love to be able to snuggle up under a blanket and relax with a fire going. I like the idea of a cool crisp morning because it helps you wake up and feel like a “fresh” start to the day, but the cozy evening is really where I would love to be.

14.) Favorite Fall Candle? Ok, from Bath & Body Works I love the Autumn Candle and from Yankee Candle I like the Autumn In The Park, November Rain, and Autumn Bouquet. I don’t have just one favorite when it comes to candles…ever.

15.) Favorite Thing To Do In The Fall? So many I can’t even say…if you haven’t guessed by now I just love to be cozy, so my favorite activity is to get into some sweatpants, a sweater and curl up under a blanket with a book, some soft music or movie in the background and just relax.

So, that is it! Did you make it to the end? I want to know what your answers are! Let me know and I tag anyone who has read this post to do the Autumn Tag!