A Cuppa Books Update! 

Oh hello there! My name is Mia, I like books, tea, mugs and handbags (in that order) and I have failed this blog. Sometimes life becomes a whirlwind of…well…life and it can be overwhelming at times. The past few months have been busy and at times, rough. I will explain, but I want to say that things are looking up now and should start heading back to a more regular schedule. 
I am excited to say that soon I will be joining the two under two club! We are expecting our second child and while things got off to a rough start, I am now feeling great! I had such severe sickness throughout the entire first trimester that just being able to enjoy a small bit of the food that I am eating has been nice! I had days where I couldn’t bare to be upright and some days that it was all I could do to simply “be”. All of that has passed for the most part, although I am still dealing with a severe loss of appetite. I’ll take that over all of the vomiting though. 
Other than that, now that the nausea has started to wear off, most days I honestly don’t even think about it. I haven’t had any other symptoms or cravings or anything like that. Colton tends to keep me on my toes and he doesn’t allow for much time to relax, let alone think! 
Speaking of Colton…he has been a busy boy! Since he started walking it has been a completely different ballgame. He loves to explore and find new spaces and places within our house. We spent some time with family and he loved to be around his grandparents and cousins. He ran around with them from sun up to sun down. He also had a fun time on Christmas between his own gifts and watching everyone else open their gifts. 
I can’t believe that he is a year old! This year has really flown by and while I’m not feeling “weepy” over this particular milestone, but I am a little taken aback by him already being one. We didn’t do anything major to celebrate his birthday, just a simple little immediate family night. He had some cake and presents and we just enjoyed the evening together. 
That is my short little update for now, but look for some more posts in the coming weeks! I can’t wait to get back into the blogging and being able to feel well enough to be posting more.

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