What I Wore: Bonkers for Dresses

Ah, dresses. We have a love/hate relationship. I love dresses, how light, flowing and freeing they can be. I hate how they size weird and end up either looking WAY too young for me, or WAY to big on me. Since becoming an “adult”- in this case reaching an age where wearing teensy clothing becomes unacceptable – I have struggled with dresses. 

I really like the form fitting dresses for work situations, but also enjoy a good flow-y summer dress. I have to have a dress that has some sort of structure to it, otherwise it overwhelms my frame and I just look a mess. 

I decided to finally just put an end to that dress mess, find a few that I liked and see what I could do about bringing dresses back into my life. Summer seemed a perfect time to do this since it is hot as ever outside (seriously, why are we pushing 90 and feeling like 100+?!). 

Continue on to see what I found…

I tried to get a good variety between the more workplace dresses and then the fun summery flowing dresses. I think the two below are my all time favorite dresses at the moment. They are both really comfortable, fit me and my style well, as well as fit what my day to day looks like. Also, the third one pictured below is I think my favorite workplace dress I’ve ever owned.

So, that’s What I Wore! What are your favorite style of dresses? Do you see any immediate favorites?

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