An Ode to 10 Years and a Toast to Many More

10 years. 120 Months. 3,650 Days. 87,600 Hours. I could go on, but you aren’t here to read about how I can use a calculator to accomplish basic multiplication. 10 years ago I walked out of my parents home to meet a guy. My first glimpse was actually not of the guy, but of his lifted white pick up truck, but I knew that he was special (and it wasn’t because of the truck). I’ve talked about most of this in prior mushy posts (I do these approximately twice a year), so I won’t repeat myself (but maybe you can read some of those posts HERE?), but I find myself reflecting on this bigger moment. 

To be together for 10 years in one of those weird accomplishments. Like we don’t consider it one, but it’s also a milestone that should be marked? A testament to your strength and ability to choose your partner, your marriage, your family, every single day. To grow and change together. To know that you’ve found something solid, something good, something lasting. To know that the person you’ve said forever to is good, is accepting. 

This isn’t our wedding anniversary, we’ve only been married for 7 of those 10 years, but in some ways, I feel that this anniversary is the more important of the two we celebrate. For if this date hadn’t happened 10 years ago, none of the rest would have happened. And I will forever be grateful for this day those years ago, for dinner at the restaurant, a moonlit stroll through a garden, and a night that never ended; the precursor to our fairytale. The beginning of forever, for we both new that night that we found something special. 

So, to my husband, my forever heart, to our life together, our marriage, and our happiness. This first decade together has been nothing short of magical and incredible; I cannot wait to see where the next few take us. 

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