Round the Kettle Ep. 32: A Few Big Weeks

How has it already been a couple weeks since my last round up? How is it already basically the middle of September??? Maybe it’s just the Labor Day travel, high holidays, first week of school, shifting of schedules that’s getting to me, but man it’s just really felt like the year is winding down. So, let’s touch on all of that?

What’s new with you?

I’m sitting here on a Friday afternoon (and probably a bit of a Saturday or Sunday morning too), in the peace and quiet of my own house with a cup of lady grey tea and some hot Cheetos to snack on. It’s been an absolute whirlwind week and while I’ve felt calm, I’ve also not felt calm, and I feel like I just need to breathe. 

Our week actually started the previous Friday when we headed out on a last summer hurrah trip. I’ll be talking about it not this week, but next week on the blog. It was basically a week of hiking and waterfalls, taking in everything mother nature has to offer and it was absolutely glorious. If I could spend every weekend like that I would. However, we didn’t have much “time to breathe” because the moment we came back it was school prep, Rosh Hashanah, and life amping up once again. 

This week Colton started Kindergarten. He rode the big yellow school bus, waved and went along his way. Happy as he could be, excited to see friends, meet his teacher, and learn everything he could. He has settled right in to going to school every day, though waking up so early (for him) has been a bit tough. I cried a little bit that first morning but have almost immediately reveled in the sheer quiet that only have one child at home can bring. Andrew is quickly going into his groove of Mommy/Andrew adventures, solo toy time, and being a little bit more independent. I will say though, all those goals and plans I had for Colton going to school and that free time I would get? They haven’t happened. I’ve spent most of that time mindlessly scrolling, potchke-ing around the house, and just unsure of what to do with myself. It sounds absurd, but that’s what a lot of parenthood is…a bunch of absurdities. 

Rosh Hashanah passed quietly, I lit the candles, said my prayers, tuned in to a virtual service and just overall quietly welcomed the New Year. 

In a completely random turn here, I’ve realized (as I’ve just re done some of my Autumn bits- more on that in a minute) that “quiet” is how I like to do things. I like subtlety, a quiet calmness to my spaces, to my things, to myself. Small things, small gestures, a subtle moment. That’s me. 

Ok, back to it…

With all that free time that I had plans for, but didn’t do anything with, I DID start doing the Autumn decorating. I’ve found that I a) don’t have much décor as it is (beyond the Christmas/Hannukah bits which is a lot) and b) what I had didn’t really fit with what I wanted for our space. So, I’ve been picking up little bits and pieces here and there…some pumpkins for our front porch, a new front door hanger, a couple throw pillows here and there, gourds and pumpkins on inside tables. Nothing big, but just subtle hints throughout the downstairs that Autumn is here. Our weather is starting to shift here and there, so it feels right. 

And with that, I’ve actually found a Starbucks Autumn beverage that I enjoy! It’s a shocker as I don’t like Pumpkin Spice and I’m not a caramel fan, but their apple crisp macchiato (hot not iced) is absolutely delightful and feels like Autumn in a cup. 

This weekend has been a homey one, trying to catch up on some reading, on some home things (like laundry and groceries) and trying to prep for the upcoming sports seasons. Both boys will be doing Soccer and Fall Tball so it’s about to be a busy time. I’m also taking on some local community roles and am looking forward to doing a little bit more with my time. Of course, I also have a really bad habit of loading up my calendar and trying to do all of the things…only to crash and burn halfway to the end. Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but we shall see how it plays out. 

Otherwise, I think that’s all I’ve got this week! Short and simple as life has mostly just been calm and little bits and bobs here and there. Now I’m off to enjoy my tea and chips (the oddest, but best combo) and hopefully a good book. 

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