I Had A Moment: Storytime

*Mini Confession time…this was not the post that was supposed to go up today. I had planned to do a post about a daily change, but something happened this week and I really wanted to write and share about it. It was an incredible thing and the post that was supposed to go up today will go up on Monday 🙂

Ya’ll, I had my moment. That moment that everything just falls into place and something gently nudges you and reminds you- everything is going to be alright. Everything is exactly as it should be. You were given the life you were meant (and strong enough) to live.

Let me go backwards. This week has just been a tough week. We’ve all been there. This past week I was questioning a lot; everything from what to make for dinner during my meal planning to whether I would really be able to handle two children. I let the best get to me and started to wonder if I was truly capable to be all that I wanted to be and all that I was setting up for myself.

It’s not easy at times to manage it all. I try not to harp on about how busy I am because I know that there are those that are even busier, but I have quite a bit going on as it is. From running my own business, to working part time, to being a wife and mom- it adds up quickly. Then realizing that you’ve also got to squeeze some time in there for yourself while holding everything else together. It almost sent me on a tailspin this week and it sure put a little edge on how I handled myself.

This led me to wonder if I could not only handle two children, but if I could or would want to have more children after our little Bear is born. Albeit we have plenty of time to make that decision and things change all the time, but I’ll be honest- I did quite a bit of self reflection throughout the week. I always thought we would have 3 or 4 children, but part of my week was wondering if I couldn’t handle one or two and everything else, how would I do with more?

Then, I just had a moment. I had just finished my daily cleaning and decided instead of turning on the television, I would plug in some music, get my little Fox out of his crib and we would have some sort of creative time. Our son is a constantly moving child and it is very rare that he will just sit and chill for longer than a few seconds – maybe a minute if you’re really lucky. He just loves to be moving and be on his feet. This afternoon was out of the norm for him. He decided that he just wanted to climb up on my lap and sit with me for a little while.

IMG_5502So, we sat in this incredibly comfy chair staring out the window watching the wind rustle the tree branches and leaves outside. The music playing around in the background and everything just clicked. I experienced the most amazing sense of calm that I hadn’t felt in a little while and in my mind I got that gentle nudge. In that moment I instantly knew that everything was perfect and I was exactly where I was supposed to be. That I was and can handle anything that is thrown at me. I can and will do it all because I am not doing more or less than what I want for myself and my family.

This is the moment that I needed and the moment that I will hold onto whenever I am experiencing those moments of self doubt or wonder.

What a Week!

Gosh, it’s been a week! It started busy and ended with a little domesticity and a little relaxation.

The week started off with my Mother In Law leaving (after being in town for 2 weeks helping me out after a little fall) and a visit from my best friend, Aleta. We’ve been close friends for a couple of years now and she not only wanted to come and visit us, but also bring her daughter to the city (D.C.). It was such a lovely time! I can’t speak enough about how amazing she is and how much I truly cherish our friendship. We not only did some sight seeing, but we also did some tea drinking and A LOT of talking.

Her daughter also took some photo’s of us for The Cosy Book Shoppe (business), but also managed to capture some of me in all my pregnant with #2 glory. I wasn’t planning on doing any maternity photo’s this time around, just kind of capture some moments here and there, but nothing too formal. While we were taking the business photo’s she took a little time out to capture some of me that turned out really well (if I do say so myself).

With all of the excitement of having people in town for 2 1/2 weeks, I really needed some time to decompress and relax. I took a day to just take it easy and then took a little time towards the end of the week to do some cooking, baking, and reading! The weather has been warming up, which means I start making Potato Salad a lot- maybe a little too much sometimes LOL. The warmer weather also means a lot more time on our back deck and a lot of cold beverages and colder treats like smoothies, and cheesecakes/silk/satin pies.

I can’t believe that we only have a little less than 9 weeks to go before #2’s due date, although if he is anything like his brother it’ll be closer to 10-11 weeks! This pregnancy has really just flown by and as we are nearing the end, we are starting to get things for a new nursery. We don’t have to get too much, it’s more rearranging furniture and then a new theme/wall decor/bedding items. The biggest shift is moving our Little Fox (Little Man #1) to his new room. The room that he is moving into was our home library, so we had a lot of books to move! The books have all been moved, it is just the last bit of furniture that needs to be moved and then we can start figuring out what we want to do. I am trying to keep Little Fox in his crib for as long as possible (as close to two as we can possible get it to work) without having to buy another crib. Little Bear (Little Man #2) will not being going into a crib in his own room for a little while after birth, so we’ve got some wiggle room.

I’m starting to order some items and things are starting to once again, become real in the fact of us becoming a family of 4! It will be quite a change and I am trying to prepare us as best as I can for it. The biggest thing that I learned with Little Fox that I will be taking into this new chapter is to just “go with the flow”. We fell into a routine the first time around fairly quickly and while I know it will be different with two instead of one, I know that as soon as we get things established everything else will fall into place. The biggest thing is just going to be going with it until we get there.

That’s all I’ve got for today- it became a little more chatty than I intended, but sometimes that is just what happens.

Looking Back: 2nd Trimester!

Happy Happy Friday!! I thought I would do a short little update on how my second trimester went in this second pregnancy. I didn’t really do a first trimester post, but I did do a first pregnancy vs second pregnancy post that touched on some of what I went through. This isn’t going to be a very long post because for the most part, my pregnancy has been pretty standard, as it was with my first. Most things have just been fairly straight forward just pregnancy in general. There have been some good things and some not so good things, so we will start with the not so good and work our way through to the good!

The biggest thing that I noticed towards the end of this second trimester is just how sore my body would get faster. So, with sweet little man, my body didn’t really have that tiring feeling and the soreness until 32+ weeks. This time around my body definitely gets sore and just feels that baby a lot faster. I don’t think it helps that I am carting around my 14 month old either and going around keeping up with him.

I’ve also noticed that I have been getting heartburn more frequently. I actually don’t know if I should truly include this one as it isn’t bad and happens very rarely, but it has happened a few times now of recent. It’s not horrendous and is typically at bedtime. Even with getting the heartburn, I don’t limit certain foods and won’t unless it becomes a major problem.

Those are the two major negatives that I’ve really noticed change in my second trimester. As for the good things…

Hello, nesting!! I am super excited about this one, I’m not going to lie. We were moving while I was hitting the “nesting” point with little man, so I had a bunch of that pent up energy that I couldn’t expend doing that. By the time we got settled into our home, I was so beyond pregnant that I couldn’t give a crap less about nesting. This time I am in full mode! I’ve always been a neat and organized person, but I have gone beyond. I have pretty much taken over every household chore (maybe that could be leading to the tiredness lol) and I’ve been in full decoration mode. I have been loving it! I am also trying to get it into a routine so it sticks around even after baby!

Another thing has been cravings. I haven’t actually had too many cravings this pregnancy and when I thought I would really start to get them, they’ve been pretty kept at bay. My biggest thing has been fruit smoothies and those can be made in a way that is still healthy (although that may not be…is not happening).  Other than that, I’ve just been loving the carbs and occasionally sugar. I’ve been trying to stay away from soda’s and when I get the urge to have one, I try to pick up a fizzy water instead of a soda.

So that pretty much wraps up my second trimester! Here’s to hoping the third goes just as smoothly!

Week In Pictures – A Family Visit and Shopping!

Hello everyone! Gosh, it is already 5-6 days into March! This past week has been a whirlwind as my husband went out of town for most of it for work and my mother came into town for a visit. We did quite a bit of shopping and just got to spend some time together. This was also my first full week in a new planner set up as well as adding some more to my journal. The week ended with some more shopping for the new baby as well as our little man.

I had a few things that I needed to pick up, some more spring/summer maternity clothes, some books and I had a few appointments throughout the week as well. This kept us plenty busy for the week and it seemed every day we had to do something!

I was able to get quite a bit of some new tops to gear up for the warmer weather (of course now that I have, it’s getting cold again) and I’m very much looking forward to spring and summer outfits that I can put together! Sweet Little Man and #2 also got some new clothes for summer as well. We’ve got everything saved from when Little Man was a baby, but with them being born at opposite ends of the year, there are some clothing items that we need to have. I also want to do a different theme for his nursery than we did for Little Man as they are different.

Little Man had a “woodland” animal/fox theme with Oranges and Browns in his nursery and I think #2 is going to have a mountain animal/bear theme with Blues for his nursery. I love what we have picked out so far and I think it is going to come together really well! We’ve still got to move quite a bit of furniture around and switch rooms around before I can decorate the new room, but I’m definitely in a nesting mode and think I will be for a long time still.

One other big thing that I did this week was to get my eyes re checked out. I’ve had glasses for a long time for when I’m reading/working at the computer/watching TV and when I was in school, but I’m one of those people that doesn’t typically wear them. I just strain through the situations and work through it. It has been steadily getting worse and I think it has some to do with the amount of migraines I deal with. I got a new prescription and some new glasses to go along with it. So far, it’s been such a difference! To be able to clearly see things has been so nice! No more straining to see for me.

How was your week?

February Favorites

Good afternoon everyone! I want to try something new out for the next couple months and that is doing some monthly favorites! These aren’t going to be specific to anything, but rather just some bits and bobs that I have started to or re discovered throughout the previous month. They could be just about anything, although I will try to stay away from books and tea’s as that is my business (although one or two may pop in from time to time), so that is handled on my business site and blog. If you are interested in that, The Cosy Book Shoppe can be found HERE. Shameless self promotion over now, so let’s get into some of my February Favorites…

To start with, I’ve been loving the Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash. I have fairly normal skin, but it can go from one end of the spectrum to the other in terms of being really moisturized or really dry. I used to use the Cetaphil face wash and I loved that, but I believe that they have recently changed the formula or they have removed the one that I used from shelves. The Simple wash allows my skin to continue that good balance between the two opposites and I’ve been loving it!

Along the same lines of skin care, I’ve re discovered a love of the Aveda Hand Relief Moisturizing Cream. I’m obsessive about hand washing, it’s almost an OCD factor that I have. With all of that hand washing, my hands dry out so quick. I use the Hand Relief in the evening and I find that it gives me some much needed relief at the end of the day. I use a lighter moisturizer in the morning and between the two my skin is very thankful.

A food favorite for you are the Girl Scout Thin Mints! I’ve loved these ever since I was little and selling them myself and they are the cookie that I treat myself to every single year. My husband came home this year asking whether we wanted to buy any this year and my response was “You have to ask?” Thin Mints are highly requested in our home and we typically end up getting at least 2-3 boxes a year. They never last long, no matter how hard we try, and we then spend the rest of the year trying to have all other sorts of chocolate mint options in our home.

Another food favorite WAS Cranberry Sprite Soda. Why was, you may ask? Well because it is no longer being sold in stores that we have around us (or around the country). I was first introduced to the Cranberry Sprite around Christmas and I absolutely loved it! So so good and I was eagerly awaiting the option to get home and get a whole case for myself. *Quick clarification, this is most definitely a pregnancy craving (although I would still drink it if it wasn’t) and I am definitely over reacting with my disappointment because of that.* We were waiting for the Superbowl soda sales to hit as we typically don’t drink enough soda to justify not buying it on sale and by the time that the sale hit, the Cranberry Sprite had sold out and been pulled from the shelves. I continually regret not simply purchasing the 12 pack when I could.

A couple of style favorites for you for the month. If you follow me or know me, you know that I am pregnant. This means no “normal” clothes buying and I was trying to hold out on buying some more maternity clothes until a little more into spring/summer. With the influx of warmer weather I found myself needing some tops and bottoms to accommodate them. I’ve been loving Liz Lange maternity for not only the price point, but also the fact that there is a good variety of styles to choose from. I find the clothes to run a little bit bigger, which is nice for growth, but it also means that when shopping that needs to be taken into account when picking sizes.

Another quick end of the month addition to my style favorites are the Xhiliration Sleepwear! I picked up a pair of their pajamas at Target this past weekend and I am obsessed! They are the most comfortable pajamas that I have ever worn and the designs are really nice. I picked up a floral pair and I think I am going to go back and get one more set with a different pattern to round out some summer pajama sets. They are fantastic!

Finally, for multimedia/tv/movies, I’ve been loving two things. The first being a TV Show called Six on the History Channel. My husband is in the military and is very much into a lot of military shows and movies. This particular show follows Navy Seals as they go through missions with an over arching mission in mind. It’s been a great show to watch and we’ve been enjoying watching the new episodes. The other thing that I’ve been loving is Ed Sheeran’s new releases in the music world. I’ve always loved his music and this latest album that he has coming out is no different! I’m looking forward to listening to the rest of the songs when it is formally released!

So, that’s what I’ve got for February! These won’t typically be this long, I’ll try and trim as I go moving forward for you. Has there been anything in particular that you have loved this past month?

Let’s Talk Pregnancy #1 vs Pregnancy #2

Good afternoon everyone! I hope that your week has treated you well and if not, well it is weekend time! This week has been a rough one for me and has really been trying. With that being said, since it is Friday and I am celebrating being over halfway done with Pregnancy #2 I want to do something a little fun!

A week ago we found out that we are expecting another little boy! This is very exciting for us and we are looking forward not only to meeting the little guy, but that our sweet little man will have a little brother to be best friends and grow up with! They will be very close in age and will be able to do a lot together! Since both my pregnancies have had their differences, I wanted to do a little Pregnancy 1 vs Pregnancy 2. I will start with the major differences and then have some similarities.

To start with, in Pregnancy #1 I had very little “morning sickness”. The only time I was sick was for maybe 2 weeks in the beginning and then it all went away. With Pregnancy #2, I was sick from about 3.5 weeks on. I won’t go into all the details, but it was bad. I had a really tough time and was very very ill. Once my doctors prescribed me some medicine it helped, but it didn’t truly let up until around 15-17 weeks. Even now I still deal with loss of appetite.

Another difference is in Pregnancy #2 would be my body changes. Pregnancy #1 I carried really low. Sweet little man just loved to be right in my hips until the very end. He didn’t deviate too much from his location, although he would kick and get mad as heck if I was sitting upright and he was getting “smushed”. With #2, he is definitely all over the place- up high and down low. I’ve felt him getting closed to my ribs a couple of times already!

Another little difference is how I have approached the pregnancy. Obviously Pregnancy #2 I have a toddler running around, so I’ve been more focused on him and making sure that he is doing well and less focused on myself than Pregnancy #1. I have been much more relaxed this time around with some of the restrictions of pregnancy. With #1 I was very hyper aware of everything that was going on and everything that I was eating and drinking. This time around I haven’t been able to do that. I stick with the major things to avoid in any pregnancy and try not to consume too much caffeine. Beyond that I’ve just been a lot more relaxed about

So, those are the major differences at this time. My cravings have been mostly the same, although I’ve tried to be a little healthier this time around. I’ve been loving the carbs, fruit and spicy! I’ve been hating Peanut Butter and Green Beans. I know I said that my sickness was different as well as my body changes, but where I’ve gained my weight so far has been the same. I have gone all belly once again (look for a picture to come soon!) and everywhere else has stayed the same.

So those are just a few things that I’ve noticed that has been different and the same with both pregnancies! I feel really good now though at this point in my pregnancy and I feel like I’m really starting to be “settled” in pregnancy #2.