Oh Hai there :)

Man, I feel like today I have been running a blog writing marathon. I say this because I have tried to write several blog posts today (some over for my main blog and shop page) and then a couple for here that I keep planning on posting, but keep putting off. I had kind of a rough and overwhelming week last week and I just needed to take a step back. There was a lot going on, some good things and some not so good, and I’ve only just started to feel the ground back under my feet. With all of this blog writing going on, I just wanted to do a little non blog blogging! I don’t really know where this blog post is going to actually go, but I just feel like sipping and chatting. So, I’ve got my tea, grab whatever you like to drink and come chat!

Let’s see…

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year. I know everyone says it, but I take that love to a whole new level and I extend it as long as I can. I’m super excited because this is the week that I am pulling out all of my autumn items from storage to start decorating. Decorations will be limited due to a small human crawling and “cruising” around furniture and figuring out how to walk along the furniture and grab things. Seriously- NOTHING is safe anymore. I am constantly putting something down and then having to move it because he can reach it and is trying to play with said item. Irregardless though, the decorations are coming out and I am doing what I can where I can. Be on the lookout for pictures of the fantastic-ness that is to come 🙂

This past weekend, our Date Night movie was Angry Birds. Yes, Angry Birds…such a romantic date night, right? Surprisingly (and begrudgingly) it wasn’t terrible. Would I buy it or re watch it-no probably not, but I didn’t hate the movie. I gave my husband so much crap for being obsessed with Angry Birds because he has just gone on and on and on and doesn’t even play the game!

We had such a lovely Date Night and I love our new tradition that we are going to start trying. Basically on Saturday Nights we are going to try and make relaxed “us” nights. This would consist of no electronics (or books!), no falling asleep early and the following: ordering in some dinner so no one feels obligated to cook and a movie on the television. The movie doesn’t have to be one that is new to us or one that we haven’t seen before it just has to be a movie. Fingers crossed, this is one Date Night idea that we will stick with! Every so often instead of ordering food in, we will go out to eat at a restaurant. We are such homebodies though that going out happens maybe once a month to once every couple of months. This plan would work much better for us and still will allow us to have some “us” time.

The other good thing about having date night this way is that it gives us a “cheat” night on our dinners at home. This year I have really been cracking down on what we eat and even more specifically what we eat for dinner. I”ll have a post detailing this out, but basically I have been making home cooked meals every single night for a long time. That’s from scratch, no box dinners, very little frozen anything (frozen has happened a total of like 3 times since ~June). Date Night gives us a night off of that and lets us eat something “crappy”. Typically we get Pizza or Chinese, occasionally I will go pick up something from somewhere else like Chipotle or Panera and this gives me a break from the cooking and both of us a chance to eat something more “junk food” related.

Now that I’ve pretty much rambled on about Autumn and Date Nights and our little human needs to start getting ready for bed, I am going to sign off of here. One of these days a coherent post will come out of here that is planned and makes complete sense…one day ;). Until then…

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