Let’s Talk About Planners

I’ve always been a bit of a planning/organizing freak. I’m a scheduler by nature and like having my routine and planner in order. I start to have “problems” when I feel disorganized and a “mess”. I like being able to schedule things out and have our routine. It’s how I work best. I find what works for me and then I stick with it. Obviously there are times when our routine changes and new things arise constantly with a young boy, but being able to have some place to start helps me out immensely.

In order to help me out, I have a paper planner and a couple of notebooks on my desk. I am still looking for the “perfect” planner for me, but I have found the layouts that I like to have. I need to have a monthly and daily layout. I like to look at the big picture of my month and then break everything down on a day by day basis. I was never a big color coder-I felt it took too much time and go too “busy”-but I have found that these days, it’s a huge help. I can easily see what is going on, who is doing what, and what needs to be posted when for work. While I have gotten more adventurous with my color coding, I still am opposed to using stickers. My planner is more of an office tool and I have a separate memory notebook that I use for more of that type of stuff.

I really like to be able to have my day laid out with the time. It allows me to track some things between my work schedule, my sons schedule, as well as when posts go live and meals. I also like that there are separate spots where I can mark down my to-do’s as well as little things needed from week to week.

I’m not really going to touch on notebooks in this post (that will be separate), but I do have 4 that I use regularly. One is for my business, one is for my job, and then two that are personal. Of the two that are personal, one is a “diary” of sorts and the other is my memory book. It has all sorts of goodies in it from big moments in my life and little bits and bobs that I receive. I love being able to look in one notebook that and see all sorts of memories, from meeting my husband, to finding out we were pregnant, to opening up my business. I digress, this will be a separate post, I promise.

Overall, while it may seem like a lot to do and that things could be simpler, this is what is working for me right now. I feel much calmer when I can see clearly what is going on with life! What works for you? Are you a color coder? Sticker person? Or do you scrap paper planners all together and use an electronic calendar? I’d love to hear!

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