Out of Office

I think it is important to know when we need a little break. I think it is also important to know when quality takes a little bit of a hit over quantity. And third, it is important to make sure that we make the time for those in our real life, our friends, our families and ourselves.

While I’ve definitely found the balance on my time in regards to time away from the computer and phone, but I’ve been lacking in the other two above sentences.

Side note: I’ve been feeling a little…restless. Which is odd as we’ve been go, go, go with moving in to the house (and that has been exhausting in its own form). I have so much that I want to write, want to share, want to talk about , and yet I don’t have many words. I want to make sure that the posts that are going up, the things that I am sharing are well written and are worth sharing. I feel like I’ve had some good posts, but equally have had some duds that weren’t what I had hoped for.

All of this to basically say I am going to be taking the next couple weeks off of posting. The timing of this is perfect as we are gearing up to head out on our first long family vacation in Europe! I am super excited about this trip as it’s basically my dream vacation. I’ve planned the itinerary from start to finish, we have everything booked, and I am definitely looking forward to having a great time over the next couple weeks.

I have a handful of blog posts that I am planning on for August/September between our house, our travel, and some everyday/conversation observations, but I’ve realized over the past couple weeks that taking these breaks from time to time are really good, both for me as a writer/blogger and you as a reader.

Moving forward, when we have our long family vacations, I won’t be doing blog posts while we are gone. While I mostly pre schedule these posts, there is still an amount of work that goes on on the day and following days in regards to the posts.

And while I love writing, I love sharing, and have such a passion for it, we all need a breather every once in a while. It gives us a chance to have a fresh set of eyes and maybe some fresh ideas when we come back in. Also, oftentimes when we are feeling in a bit of a rough, taking a step back can help us naturally come back to what we love.

So, look for me on Social Media to follow along as our family travels to parts of the United Kingdom and stay tuned when I come back in just a few short weeks to share all of the exciting things with you!

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