The Obligatory Introduction Post

Hello everyone in internet world, how lovely to meet you! My name is Mia and I am the owner/proprietor of The Cosy Book Shoppe (you can check it out HERE). With that, my shameless self promotion is done! That was easy. So now, while I was writing for my blog over there, I was thinking about how I really wanted to have a second outlet to share some of my other thoughts and ideas. Thus Curl Up with a Cuppa Books was born.

DCP (54 of 130)I am not really good at these posts, most of the below will actually be copied from a previous introductory post (I really liked it and I’m really not good at introductions), but I wanted to share a couple of random quirky new things that haven’t been shared…

1.) Some people do things when they get really excited like jump up and down, wiggle there fingers together, dance, etc….I clap my hands together in a golf clap. It doesn’t matter what it is that excites me, it could be a TV show, Book, a Person, everything gets equal treatment with the golf clap.

2.) I am an introvert who can do reasonably well in a social/extrovert situation. I do alright in social situation, I will hold a conversation (although not really start one) and I will meet new people quite a bit. That being said, I highly prefer and love being in my own home with the quiet peace that I have cultivated. I get overwhelmed being in the social situation the longer I am and I will typically start to slowly back away from the conversations and the people. In the worst scenarios (or if it is at my home or a more private location) I will retreat to our bedroom, or a bathroom to get a little break. No matter how it may seem (trust me) I am an introvert and homebody.

With those out there (you’ll find out more as this blog continues and goes along), I am going to put in some just typical information about me now:

I am a mom to a sweet ever growing ever changing infant boy, a wife to an amazing supportive man, play pal and sometimes parent of a 3 year old dog, and a homemaker. I also am still working part time for an insurance company. It’s a lot going on and a lot of juggling! It may seem like I don’t have much free time, but I always make time to do the things that I love.

So what do I love (aside from the obvious my husband, son and dog)? I love books, tea, candles and being outdoors. I’m a county girl from the south at heart who has a slight obsession with the United Kingdom (and well Europe itself). When I’m not reading, I am outside doing all sorts of activities (fishing, hunting, riding atv’s,hiking, etc.) I love exploring and discovering new places and I hate/am terrified of spiders. Seriously though, I am arachnophobic. I do not do well with spiders…at all (event the thought or pictures of spiders, no thank you). I do like to cook and bake as well. I’m a big homebody (as is my family) and outside of our outdoor activities, we are much more into staying home/in than going out.

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