Can I get a Restart Button?

Good evening everyone! It’s Monday and the great thing about this blog is it’s my personal blog, so as much as I try to “schedule” content, I don’t have to! When something feels like it should be talked about, I can talk about it! I was originally going to talk about how we got back to eating and being healthier, but I had something start to happen on Friday and decided to talk about that instead of being healthier (although it could be argued that it is health related as well). I will still talk about being healthy, but on a different day.

Today I want to talk about having a “restart” button. Have you ever had one of those mornings where you feel like you just can’t catch a break? Where your whole day gets thrown off and you feel like you are just sitting and spinning your wheels, getting nowhere fast? Boy, did my Friday start like that! After not sleeping well Thursday, I actually overslept Friday morning and did not get my “jump” on the day. I usually get out of bed about 30-40 minutes before I get Colton up for the day so I have a little time to shower, get dressed, and possibly make a cuppa or some breakfast before I have to take care of him. When I miss out on this time, I feel like the rest of my day just gets thrown off. I am a highly organized individual and thrive being on somewhat of a schedule. I know when I have to get up to have a little bit of time before our son gets up, and how the hours of the day go in order to get the maximum out of each weekday.

So, Friday morning after oversleeping, getting myself barely out of bed before Colton started stirring, and generally feeling out of sorts, I desperately needed a restart button. I wanted to go back to bed and just start over. I have days like these, sometimes multiple in a row and they are typically some of my most frustrating days. I do have a way of “restarting” though that typically works for me if I can take a moment to do it. For me, it consists of putting on some music (the Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack is typically what is playing), making up a fresh cup of tea, putting my phone away, and either reading or just simply sitting for a few minutes. I do an abbreviated version of this in the mornings and I feel like it really helps set the mood for my day. It gives me a calming start to my normally busy weekdays and a chance to ease into my mornings.

I call these moments my moments to “Feed My Soul”. Everybody needs to set time aside to be able to take care of themselves and do what they need to to do to restart or re set there day/week/etc. It is essential to continue to be healthy both physical and emotionally. It can be whatever that really centers you or brings you back down to earth. For me, it is tea, soft music, and a book, but for you it can be anything!

How do you restart your day? Have you run into this problem recently? What do you do to feed your soul?

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