Let’s Look Back at 2017

So much happened. I’m not getting into the life or world news worthy times because…well I try not to live in those moments. Rather, I am going to talk about personal and family things that happened this year. I try to go through this every year (normally in my journal) as a way to look back one last time and look forward. The end of a year is a unique time where you can look back and forward simultaneously. First to look back…

  1. My baby Fox turned a year old at the start of 2017. This is kind of a cheat because his birthday is right after New Years and he will be turning two shortly, but it was still so crazy. Since his first birthday he has learned so much and has become very rambunctious. I can see a future little troublemaker coming through. His wealth of knowledge at his young age continues to amaze me every day (especially when he figures something out that I haven’t even really taught him) as well as his ever pickier eating and life habits. He has grown more stubborn and somehow more independent in this year.
  2. My baby Bear made his grand entrance halfway through the year (talk about timing, huh?). He has such a focus and determination on every little thing that he has come across in his first 6 months. I’m excited to see him continue to grow and learn. In his first 6 months he has not only learned how to do his developmental things (rolling, sitting, etc) he has learned how to captivate his brothers attention, make the dog run (towards him), and make us all fall in love all over again. He is so different, but still similar to his brother and I can’t wait to see how grows and learns in 2018! He has only been her for 6 months and already has made such a statement.
  3. My ever loving husband has weathered this past year so incredibly well, through the rough start at the beginning, the long hours of work, a newborn coming halfway through and spending the last month of the year at what seems like endless work hours. He made the promotion list at his job and was promoted towards the beginning of the year. He had one of his best hunting this year when we headed home, bringing back 3 deer to fill our freezer. He continues to be supportive and loving as well as a smart ass. We’ve grown a lot this past year in our relationship as we have continued to learn all about the journey of life.
  4. Something in me really clicked this past year. I’ve felt a weight just lifted from my body and myself. I’ve felt lighter, more comfortable, confident and self assured as to where I am in my life and what I am doing. I feel so very fulfilled in most of the areas in my life and I find that simply having that has been such a big change this past year. The end of this year has brought a new level of confidence in myself that is immeasurable. I’m not sure what really triggered this change, possibly a combination of several factors, but it’s been such a change. Beyond what I’ve already listed, it brings such a relaxing confidence. I’ve really enjoyed this new round of self discovery and I look forward to what 2018 will bring.
  5. Finally, one of the last things I want to touch on was vacations. We took quite a few trips in 2017, the biggest new one being a week in Maine. One of the best vacations we have been on and a new tradition that we are starting. We also visited Philadelphia and several spots closer to our current home in Virginia and D.C.

So far 2018 looks like it is going to be the year of new adventures. With a bucket list of things that we want to do in the Northern Virginia/Maryland/D.C. area, a business, and two wonderful growing kids, I fully plan on having quite the year! I can’t wait to see what we get up to in the new year.

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