Real Talk: Self Worth

Hello, hello! I am kicking off a new series today that I am calling Real Talk. What is real talk? You know when you go to coffee or speak with your close friends about all sorts of topics? Where you have a good laugh or when you have a serious conversation all over a cuppa tea or really any cup of something yummy. That is what I intend for real talk. A casual chat on a different topic once a month. Some of them will be tip posts, some will be personal experiences with the topics, and some will be a combination of both. I want all of them to be a discussion opportunity.

Today I want to talk about Self Worth. To me, self worth is different from self esteem or self confidence, although it goes along the same train of thought. Self Confidence and Self Esteem start with Self Worth. Self Worth is the value that you know of yourself. That you give yourself. Knowing what you have to offer is extremely important and something that only you can determine. Here’s the problem- you are always worth more than you think or feel you are. I promise you that. So, determine your worth in your own mind and then double that (at least).

The most important thing to remember with Self Worth is that NO ONE else determines YOUR self worth. YOU know what YOU can do, what YOU bring to the table, and YOU know that YOU are doing YOU’RE best (unless you’re not and then that is a totally different conversation).

When you keep those things in mind, you should not have a problem. Anyone can try and question that worth or have a problem seeing that, but you know what you’re worth and what you bring. I came across a quote recently that I felt was perfect to repeat:

“Your value isn’t going to decrease simply because someone can’t see it”

When you feel like you’re worth is being questioned by someone else, do not let that make you question yourself. Remember, NO ONE can tell YOU what YOU are worth. That is something that you decide and it doesn’t just change on a whim. It is one of the hardest conflicts because feelings come into play and things can quickly spiral downward. To stop that from happening, Repeat the following: NO ONE determines my worth. NO ONE can dictate what I am worth in any situation.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel like you have had your self worth questioned? What do YOU do when you feel this way?

Till Next Time…#33537 Mia Speier SL final

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