The First Month Has Ended…

IMG_8930So, January 2018 has come to an end. How was the first month for you? How is the year starting? If you made any resolutions have you stuck with them or have they already gone out the window?

If January was good to you- great! Now you’ve got to keep that momentum going. February is a hard month, but if you can channel all that momentum you had going at the beginning of January, you can power straight through February and right into March. Remember how you felt each time or day that you accomplished your goal and hold on to that feeling when you want to skip a day or slack off on whatever it is that you want to accomplish this year.

If January was not so good – that’s ok! February is a new month and a fresh start. Put everything that was bad (or not so good) about January behind you. Don’t hold onto that negative as you head into a new month. Set a new or revised intention to start February and work towards that. Just because January was not the best DOES NOT mean that 2018 is doomed or that you need to hold on to it. Start fresh.

For me, January was a good month. Definitely not the best month I’ve ever had, but it was a really good and positive moth. I said at the start of the year that I don’t set resolutions, however my intention has been going alright. I have been avoiding speaking negatively about people (although I have slipped up a time or two being honest) and I’ve already accomplished so so much. I’m really positive that 2018 is going to a really good year all around.

For February I am looking forward to not only continuing with what I’ve been accomplishing, but expanding my intentions to include some more bits with A Cuppa Cosy. I am going to be taking some time to create a path and full vision for what I want A Cuppa Cosy to really be. I’m excited to share with you along the way!

Until Next Time

#33537 Mia Speier SL final

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