Friday Morning Cups

IMG_5577Thursday Morning: “Today is going to be a day that tries me and a day where I just have to keep reminding myself that I am enough. That I can handle what life will throw my way. That I’ve got this. Every once in a while we need to remind ourselves of that (whether it’s a bad day or not) and since I am needing that reminder today, I’m sharing it with you. You are enough. You can handle what is being thrown your way. You got this <3.”

A little backstory- for the past few days our older son has been waking up earlier and earlier. He is so “easy” in the morning (just give him a little drink and he will quietly play until breakfast), so I wouldn’t normally have any issues. These past couple days though, you can tell the whole getting less and less sleep has started to take its tole on him. You can tell that he just hasn’t been getting enough sleep, but he won’t go back to bed.

Thursday was kind of my breaking point because as soon as breakfast came along the whining started. The whining subsequently turned into a full blown temper tantrum. It’s hard because he doesn’t have the words or knowledge to truly VOICE the problem and the only way to really help him is to just be that calming presence. THAT is HARD though and when it is the end of a long day, where that has been the role to play over and over and over again, it gets hard.

So, I needed to take a moment. To re center. To remember that I can do this. That I am enough and further, I am exactly the parent that my child needs.

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