The Personal Development/ Motivational Book Challenge

Alright, I’m going to admit this one very unpopular opinion…I’m not the biggest fan of “self help”/personal development or motivational books. Maybe I’ve only gotten duds, but they always feel just a bit off to me. I get the whole “ra ra get your life together” feeling, but in the same book it also will make almost excuses for everything else going on. I’m more of a swift kick in the ass kinda person (haha kidding…maybe). Sometimes all we need is a blunt approach, rather than a soft it’s ok, you can accomplish it all now doing it this way. IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE PERSON, SITUATION AND MINDSET.

With all of that being said, I feel like maybe I’ve just gotten a couple of duds of self help and motivational books. With the year coming to an end, and everyone doing some reflection and planning for next year, I figured now may be as good a time as any to re evaluate my thoughts on Self Help and Motivational Books.

Here’s what I want to do…a challenge of sorts for the next month-ish. Tell me in the comments below, in comments on my Social Media Post, in an email or direct message, whatever, what is a self help or motivational style book that has changed your life. That you really found meaningful, was chock full of knowledge, that just changed your outlook. I will make a deal to read 5 of the most commented books over the next month (or two depending on how long they take).

If I haven’t read it, I will add it to a short reading list and I’ll start reading the books that you’ve recommended! With each book read, I’ll make a blog post detailing the recommendation, what the book focuses on, and my thoughts about it. Help me find some motivational reading that will change my life!

5 thoughts on “The Personal Development/ Motivational Book Challenge

  1. I have been into self help and motivational books, podcasts, YouTube videos now for the past three years. My first favorite book is from Brene Brown “The Power of Vulnerability,” and “Dare to Lead.” I follow Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, Simon Sinek and Jim Rohn. I have found if I fill my day with positive, then that inspires me to make my day a positive day. I have just started my blog on my personal views in life and what is happening around us. I love to have feedback from others and their thoughts as well. I would love to have you follow me with your thoughts on my particular topics. Check those books out and let me know what you think.


  2. Hi, my Name is Jonathan or call me Jon. One book self help book that is great to read is “How to win friends and Influence people” By Dale Carnegie. This book is popular and have stated it has sold more than 15 million Copies. SO check it out! I will change your thought on dealing with people and winning them. Some of the advice is known already from experience! but than again experience is the best teacher! Great post!


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