Snow for Days…A Recap

It wasn’t really for “days” per se, more like a day and a half, but still…

Mother Nature seemed to hear my plea of spring weather and decided she would answer it with a blast of cold weather and a semi decent amount of snow )at least for this area).


About the middle of the week we got to live in a snow globe as we watched the big snowflakes fall down in a just-so picture perfect way. I do have to say, when I see the view out of my back window after this snowfall, it does take my breath away. It reminds me of the moments that I do enjoy winter and I got to curl up in my chair with my tea for a couple of minutes and just watch the snow fall down.

The boys also got to enjoy the snow as we ventured outside in the late afternoon. It was Andrew’s first time around snow and he was definitely less than thrilled. I’m still trying to figure out if that was because of the snow, the cold, the ill fitting snowsuit (seriously this should have been too big on him…it wasn’t) or a combination of all the above. He just watched as his big brother ran along throwing snow and sledding.

Colton has a real love for the snow. Once you get him outside, he just runs crazy! I mean, he does that regardless of snow, but he takes the excitement to a new level when there is snow on the ground. He picked up and threw snowballs, got to go sledding for the first time, and ruthlessly teased the dog with little “snow treats” (basically just more snowballs).

The snow only lasted about a day and a half total, but it was really nice while it was there. It was a nice send off to winter and it was nice to feel like I was in a real life Hallmark movie for a minute or two. Now though, let’s get on to the warmer temperatures, the sunshine, and overall brightness that is spring!

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