What I Wore pt. 1: Ditching the “Mia-Form”

I’ve never really been super into fashion. In fact, most of the time by the time I got “ballsy” enough to try a new trend or style it was usually out of style. Most of the times my style extends to jeans & a t shirt with a pair of boots or sneakers. 

When I joined the working world I switched to office clothes, but when we moved, had our first child, and I started working from home I headed right back to the jeans & a t shirt “uniform”. It is so easy for something that seems so simple, so insignificant to symbolize much more. Being a mom, often times we forget about doing the little things, such as trying to put ourselves together in the morning in more than the first thing that comes out of a drawer or closet.

One of my biggest tips, not only in life, but especially in being a mom and working from home is to not just live in your pajamas all day long. Getting into some sort of clothes (whether that is leggings and a tee, or a full on business outfit is up to you) is such a big boost to your day and productivity. It can make the difference between crushing your to do list, or falling flat. Not too mention that you appearance can be similar to a first impression of who you are. What do you want to say with your clothes?

I say this because I was starting to hit a bit of a plateau in my wardrobe and my day to day. I wanted to kind of get away from that jeans and tee look some days, but still remain somewhat casual as I am home most days. I found that jeans and tee were starting to be similar for me to just wearing sweats and I found that some days I felt like I just looked a mess. 

Slowly but surely I’ve been breaking that mold and while I still love a good ole jeans/t shirt option and wear it semi frequently, I’ve been trying to put more intention into my outfits. Putting on a skirt or dressing up a pair of jeans.

I decided for the past week or so to capture the outfits that I’m wearing each day as this past week has really been my turning point if you’d like to say. I’ve been doing a wardrobe clear out over the past couple months and I’m starting to really hone in on clothes that I’m comfortable with that aren’t just t shirts.

I would say at this moment, my style is comfortable with a bit of a twist. While I want to add a couple more dresses, a couple pairs of slacks, and another skirt to my closet, I feel like I am heading in the right direction for what I am wanting to accomplish. 

This was actually quite a bit of fun for me to do and then look back on. I might start doing this seasonally/quarterly and while I am definitely not a fashion guru in any way, I do not want to put up a clothing or accessory type post eery once in a while. 

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