Week in Review: Ball Week!

Hello everyone! Before I begin, I want to just say that this week is going to be a three post week to help make up for the posts that I have missed lately. I had a couple of things that I wanted to share, but the time just got a way from me. So to start off, I am going to share a little bit of the week and formal event that we went to earlier in the month!

Leading up to the main event was a pretty typical week, although little man sure did learn some new ways to be extra adorable and extra destructive! While I found some time (and a day of cool temperatures) to pull out my fuzzy fox socks and enjoy a nice cuppa!

We had the opportunity to go to a formal ball and we took the chance to have a night out and relax. Sweet little man got the chance to have a playdate with some friends and a little sleepover. I was a little anxious about leaving him for a whole night, but overall I was relatively calm. I knew that he would be well taken care of and would have a blast playing with the other kids. I figured if he was going to have an issue it would simply be right before bed (as that is when he really puts the pieces together that one of us is missing) and while he did have a little bit of an issue, it wasn’t bad and they said he calmed down quite quickly and easily. I knew that he would be in good hands, so I knew deep down overall I wouldn’t have to worry. It made the whole process a little easier!

For me, going to a formal event means the chance to really get dolled up and even a little pampered that day. I really wanted to be able to look good and feel good all night long so that played a big part of my “prep” day. I went and got my nails done first thing in the morning, then in the afternoon I got my hair professionally done. Hair is the thing that I struggle with the most and it ended up being easier to not have to mess with it! I did my own makeup in between the two appointments as well as enjoyed some time with little man. It was nice to have some time to just relax and be pampered, something that doesn’t typically happen.

22 Weeks Pregnant and I loved this dress!

With the actual ball, we had a good time! We got to enjoy our time with friends and listen to some exceptional speakers. I also got to meet some new people (which as an introvert says a lot!) and enjoy speaking to some that I already new. It gave us a chance to have an evening where we didn’t have to worry about getting up especially early the next morning or get home to little man. We definitely did take some advantage of that as we stayed out till midnight (what?!) and decided to go out for breakfast the next morning. It was nice to have a more leisurely start to the morning, however morning is when my anxiousness really started to kick in. After breakfast I was more than ready to see our little man!

*I am not posting any photos of myself and my husband for personal reasons, but I have included my “full look” for the evening.

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