A Date Night With Yourself

Good afternoon everyone! It is Friday, which means…weekend!! I hope that your week has gone well and if it hasn’t, well time to celebrate because you can enjoy a little time without those work week stresses. Today I want to talk about a way that you can do that and take care of yourself.

No matter what you do, it is extremely important to make sure that you are taking care of yourself. By take care of yourself I don’t simply mean eat healthier food, drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep. Those are all very important things that need to be done, but I mean take care of your soul. Take your time for you, the time that you need to recharge your person, soul, and make sure that you are prepared for what you need to do in your day to day. If you don’t take this time it wears on yourself and you cannot better do everything else that you do.

This past year I have realized just how essential this time is, not just for me but for my husband as well. I also have had the chance to figure what works best for me that lets me recharge my batteries. This allows me to be a better mom, wife, friend, employee, store owner, and just overall person. There are a couple of things that I’ve learned in finding what works for me.

The first thing I learned is when you want to have your time. Some people like to have their time late at night, others prefer the middle of the afternoon, while some get up extra early in the morning. For me, most of my evenings I try to set aside for family time and my mornings are for getting my day off on the right foot. For me, my perfect time is the middle of the afternoon on Sunday Afternoons. This is when it works for me.

The second thing I learned is what I want to do for “me time” and that it isn’t the same thing from time to time. Sometimes it is watching a movie with a cup of tea in a quiet house. Sometimes I want to get out of the house and go get pampered or go somewhere to read. What I do will change based on what my needs are at the time. That’s ok, the whole point is to take time for myself and what my needs are.

The last thing that I learned is that this needs to be a semi regular time that happens. It may not be every week, but it needs to be at least once a month. Some months I will need it twice a month, but I need that time at least once a month. I do bits and pieces of my time throughout the month (my morning routine being a good example of this) and that helps quite a bit as well.

I find that when I have the time that I don’t have to worry about anything, I don’t have to be a mom or a wife or really a being if I don’t want to be allows me to be a better mom and a better wife. This is something that is true for anyone. You can’t take care of anyone (or anything) else without taking care of yourself. If you incorporate this time on a regular basis, you will find yourself in a much better place.

What do you do to take care of yourself and recharge?

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