Spring Days…These Are The Moments

It seems that Mother Nature must have been hearing my plea with all of the spring talk and she sure did give us some warm, sunny days! Winter still has its stronghold (hello gray sky, cold temp, and rainy day today), but we got such a beautiful glimpse of whats to come. Also, I love the gray, rainy days so I’m ok with the days like today. They make good cosy up, read and drink tea all day days. I digress. 

With the warmer temps, we took some much needed time soaking up all the sunshine and spent a good amount of our time outside. It was so refreshing to be able to just sit outside and take in everything around us. We had a photo shoot on the first day (hello perfect weather for that!), then we spent a good amount of our weekend home, wandering around the deck with bubbles, in the front yard exploring, down to the park for a nice walk, and just around the house in general. 

It was just such a breath of fresh air and I felt so much “lighter” going into this week. Its absolutely amazing what just a few days of wonderful weather can do for yourself. It frees up your soul to be able to just sit in the sun for an hour, or to watch your children discover grass for the first time. For me, someone who loves reading on a rainy day in my most comfy chair, being able to take my book outside and sit in the warmth of the sun was fantastic. I felt like the weight of winter was lifted (as I’ve been talking about for a little while now) and it sure did just raise my spirits. 

It’s nice how the smallest of things make the biggest difference. I could have had just one sunny day and felt loads better, but getting three was fantastic.

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